Human Rights and Fair Trade Club

Summer 2008

This small group is only a small start of those who have pledged to uphold, protect, and further the ideas and promises made in the United Nation’s Universal Declaration on Human Rights. You can learn more about the Human Rights Pledge here: or sign the online petition to enforce human rights here:

(Project by Brent Jacobsen, Lukas Brinkerhoff, and Josh Deloach)


Actual Photos we found of the desaparecidos.

The atrocities suffered by so many people throughout the world are horrifying, and often silent. However, some wonderful Argentine survivors were able to find their voice and share it with Estela, Breezie, and myself (Allie). Their accounts were difficult to read; the diabolical cruelty jarred each of us out of our sheltered lives as we read them. We felt their vulnerability and ultimately, their strength. We put together a few artisitic representations of how these stories affected us, and what our response is. We hope the message conveyed will be one of hope.

Posted by Richard Gould, Marni Paystrup, Brent Maynard, and Scott Wright

To the wronged,

I am writing you at this time because I have become aware of the painful circumstances that have touched you lives. My eyes have been opened to how many of you have been taken from your homes without reason, how all of you then went on to be treated in a horrible fashion, how many of you died without a loved one nearby, and not from natural causes. My hands have trembled as I have read accounts of the torture many of you were subjected to and died from. I have often thought how impossible life must have been, for not only you, but for your loved ones that were left to go on living, wondering if you were alive or dead. Yet my heart has taken strength because I have read the accounts of those of you that have survived the suffering and are making the things that have been done in secret known to the world. I feel a change coming into this world as people like you step up and do something to keep the evil deed done to you from happening to someone else.

As my heart gains this strength my conscience begins to tug at it. I recognize the stories of the survivors. I have heard them spoken by someone close to me, a relative or friend that has traveled abroad. They spoke of the pain and warned of the evil. As I look back I am ashamed at my response; I of course condone such things, but as soon as the story ended so did my interest. While you live in an unstable place I have lived in stability most of my life and in times I forgot what I heard. How ashamed I feel, for I forgot! While the stories from these people were not nearly as detailed as yours they still called for a change in the world; but I did nothing because I forgot!

Never again will I forget and as long as I am alive neither will my family. My children will hear of your suffering but more importantly they will hear of you living! They will come to know that to keep the horrors from happening again they must not only remember the past but actively work to ensure the future. While we are only a small family we now know that even our small voices can bring a big change in the world, and we know this because your words have wrought a big change in our hearts.

With love,

Those whose eyes have been opened.

Posted by Scott, Richard, Brent, and Marni

¿Dónde Estás?

¿Dónde estás?

Los niños ya están grandes

El perro ya está muerto

Las fotos muestra tú y tu marido juntos y jovenes

Pero ahora tu marido está solo y viejo

¿Dónde estás?

Los nietos no conocen a su abuela

¿Qué had dejado?

Hay muy poca escrito en el diario

Hay tantas preguntas pero no hay respuestas

¿Dónde estás?

La vida sigue adelante

El tiempo está perdido

¿Está tu espiritu con ellos?

¿Dónde estás?

Estás desaparecida

Brent Maynard

(Posted by Scott, Richard, Brent, and Marni)

The Taken

Alone without love in the world

Sitting, trembling, scared

in the dark, in the cold

Are the Taken

Lost, lonely, and afraid

Waiting, hoping, and praying

to see the husband, wife, child, friend

Are the Waiting

Although separate in body

they are together in love

In spirit, in cause

To fight the injustice

And hope for the lives

That are Taken

Never together again

No laughing, crying, singing

Alone, without in the world

Tortured with pain, outside and in

Are They the Same

They yearn, they hope

to find another reason

for joy, for love, for peace

They hold on through the night

They are Together

Through pain, fear and agony

They see the light so bright

It calls to the souls of

The Taken

They must live for the lives

so cruelly blackened

They pick up, move on, to find

joy, happiness and peace

Mourning for those above

The Waiting

Ida Wilkinson

Dedicated to those who died suffering the pain’s of injustice

The Taken

And to those who lived through it

The Waiting

Posted by Scott, Richard, Brent, and Marni

Stress Position

One of the forms of “interrogative techniques” used by US military. Currently debated worldwide as a form of torture. Watch for yourself. Viewer discretion is advised. Visit Amnesty’s for more information.

Posted by Scott, Richard, Brent, and Marni

Dear Mr. President

First, I would like to thank you for your efforts to remove the Taliban regimes from the Middle East. The removal of the Taliban will make the world a better place. The Taliban have been destroying the human rights of individuals for many years, and I am happy that we can intervene. I know that it is a difficult task.

The number one concern that I have as an American citizen is not the freedoms that can be taken away by terrorist organizations, but it is the very freedoms that can be taken by our own government. The truth is that our government has been detaining individuals at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba without giving them the right of habeas corpus. To make matters worse those detainees are being tortured. I know that in the year 2006 the laws in the United States were manipulated in order to make torture legal. Even though it has always been, and in the eyes of the world, it will always be, a war crime! How can the United States claim to be any better than Germany during World War II? I know that the United States has not massacred millions of people yet, but the mentality of denying basic freedoms to individuals is the same. Mr. President I know you are thinking that these people are terrorist and don’t deserve any better. Then what about the twelve individuals that were released from Guantanamo because they were innocent?Their innocence was found through the extremity torture. So by denying individuals habeas corpus the United States is able to torture innocent people? It is by small and simple things that the country’s freedom start to erode. I am reminded of the play “A Man for all Seasons” and I will ask you sir, the same questions that were asked in the play only paraphrased in today’s lexica. What would you do to go after the devil? Would you remove every law? Would you sir, remove every human right so he will have no place to hide? If so, where will you hide sir, when the devil turns on you? What would you use to protect yourself? The answer is the American people cannot afford to have laws be eradicated, such as torture and habeas corpus, because even though these laws make it harder to capture terrorist. They make it easier for human rights of the American people to be recognized.Mr. President how can the hypocrisy continue? How can the United States expect other countries to maintain a democracy when it denied in its own country? I am afraid that if we continue on the same path, that the battles that were fought by previous generations for our freedom will be for not.

A concerned citizen

posted by: Matt M, Cody N, Fernando G, Jason H


Tan cruel

lo odio haerlo.

Cuando era nino me escondía tras del sofa para no efrentarlo.

Porque lo hacemos?

Solo nos da tristeza, lagrimas, llanto

pero atras de todo aquello, encontramos consolación.

Consolación y dolor.

Que dolor te gustaría?

Es major dolerse y saber que dolerse por no saber, lo peor de todo.

Quiero ese dolor

Lo necesito

lo necesito

Asi que te vaya bien, nos vemos, cuídese mucho


escrito por Cody Nielson

posted by: Matt M, Cody N, Fernando G, Jason H

The content in the first presentation “derechos humanos” is graphic.

Viewer discretion is advised.

posted by: Matt M, Cody N, Fernando G, Jason H


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