Human Rights and Fair Trade Club


Gracias to Patricio Ortiz for giving a great presentation and thank you to everyone who came.  We had a good sized crowd and some very pertinent issues were raised.  Dr. Ortiz was interviewed in the morning before the presentation by Utah Public Radio.

Patricio Ortiz

The video was great.  Patricio Ortiz was there and we had a long discussion afterward on what would be the most effective way to fight human rights abuse here on campus.

The Agronomist

We had a club dinner this semester with free food donated by Chispita Bakery, a mexican restaurant and bakery here in Logan.  We discussed the upcoming activities and the direction we wanted the club to go in.  Thank you to Dr. J.P. Spicer-Escalante, Dr. Maria Spicer-Escalante, and Dr. Maria Cordero for their input and support, and a special thanks to Chispita Bakery for the delicious food.

Day on the quad.  A successful day of recruiting members.

Pictures coming soon…

The club is now official.



We decided this Spring in our Spanish 3060 class to, as a final class project, help spread awareness of some of the abuses of human rights that have occurred in Argentina. We shared the message on campus on April 29th and 30th with flyers, posters, a facebook group and this website. Here are some photos:


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